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 House of Kal Hamachi Network

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PostSubject: House of Kal Hamachi Network   Wed Oct 12, 2011 11:40 pm

Hello S4 players! I'm back! I have something to address before things get started. Hamachi is a good LAN_Network/Chat that I'd like to affiliate House of Kal with. It also lowers latency between players connected to it in online games and may help make your gaming with other HoK players more enjoyable! I'd like to share our House of Kal Hamachi server with all of you!


To download Hamachi go here:

After installing Hamachi log on and click the Network tab. In the Network tab select "Join an existing Network".

House of Kal Hamachi Network is as follows:

Network ID: House of Kal
Password: 1234

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House of Kal Hamachi Network
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